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 Who Benefits from a Web Site?

-Small, Local Businesses- Often people are more familiar with corporate chains than they are local businesses.  Do not allow your business to be looked over. Customers are literally a click away for businesses that invest in a web site. Allow possible patrons to view your products, and even purchase online.

-Organizations and Groups- Use a web site to attract new members to your organization. People that are new to town and even tourists may be interested in what you are doing. 

-Non Profit Organizations- Using a web site allows people to see what your non profit is doing in your community. This is the digital age. Your web site will accept donations, saving you and donors the hassle of checks and snail mail.

-Political Campaigns- If you are running as an elected official, having a web site allows your constituency to get to know you and your policies better. It also gives your supporters a way to easily spread your name.

-Your Customers/Audience- Having access to a user friendly, professionally designed website makes getting to know your service easy for your customers.

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